Vegas Bound – CES 2018

When this blog was created over 3 years ago I was a professional amateur. I worked in IT with no formal training. I still don’t have formal training, but through a series of career moves I find that I’m much more of an IT person today than those early blogging days. Along with my relatively new role working with Virtual and Augmented Reality comes a ticket to CES 2018. CES stands for “Consumer Electronics Show” and it highlights all the cool new tech for consumers from self-driving cars to TVs, smart appliances to all that wrist based tech, and so much more. I’ve long listened to live broadcasts from the arena floor in Las Vegas, but I’ve never been there myself. So here I sit in the airport, sipping a pretty decent ramen bowl, waiting my flight.

I plan to follow this post with my observations of the tech at CES. The challenging piece these days is that I’m becoming more cynical about the invasion of pocket based technology. I tend to agree with the news articles and scientific studies pointing to the negative element of carrying a super-distracting super computer in our pockets. So during my first trip to Consumer Tech Mecca, I’m hitting the floor looking for something very specific.

I started this blog with the statement: If your technology is not enhancing your life, then it isn’t serving it’s purpose”. And I don’t think constant access to the web is the purpose we want to see fulfilled. What I actually think is still up for grabs, and CES will be a true test of a fanboy turned consumer tech philosopher.

Stay tuned…


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