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cup of tech

Unlike most tech writers, I do not have any formal training in an IT field. What I do have is a fanboy excitement for all things tech. I am one of those geeks who reads many tech blogs, watches press releases of major companies, and gets excited for all the new things being developed by the wizards in the tech industry.   But in the end, I’m a consumer, just like you.

Everyone has some relationship with technology, be it a cellular phone, a tablet computer, a cable box, or the Redbox DVD rental machine at McDonalds. But most people aren’t as interested in how their tech works; instead they want to know how their tech will work FOR THEM. That’s where I come in.

Unlike tech writers who know the ins and outs of the devices they are discussing, I come to everything with a consumer’s mind, but a tech geek’s heart. I like to test multiple devices and services to see WHAT THEY DO FOR ME. Are they making my life better, making things easier, or is my tech causing me nothing but frustration?

If the technology you use isn’t enhancing your life, then what’s the point?  This blog was created upon the suggestion of friends. They come to me for advice about phones, tablets, media streamers, and applications quite often because they know I love this stuff and I pay attention. But they also know I genuinely want them to have a great experience with whatever device or app they are considering. It was suggested that instead of just keeping that knowledge within our circle, perhaps it was time to put it where anybody can get to it. Thus, this blog.

What follows will be review of devices with the consumer interaction in mind, along with posts of cool things happening in the tech world that I think people might be interested in. As my professional background involves a fair amount of procedure writing, I’ve decided to also add work instructions for how to do many things with a vast array of devices. Sure YouTube videos are nice, but sometimes a good process is all you need to get things going.

I hope this information helps people find the technology that truly enhances their lives, connects them to the world, and makes life just a little bit easier.

So sit back and enjoy your daily Cup of T(ech)!

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