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HaikuReview – HTC One M9

Metal-wrapped body

Same as the one from last year,

But still beautiful.

Stainless steel is slick,

Probably ought to buy a case

Or get insurance.

HTC One M9 Camera

Last year’s five-inch screen

Same look, same feel, same smartphone?

Almost, but not quite.

HTC Generations

With last year’s model

Ultra-Pixel camera

Was not a big hit.

So now it is gone.

Now twenty MegaPixel,

For amazing shots.

Camera on front

Uses those Ultra-Pixels

For those selfies (sigh).

HTC One M9 -2

User interface

Is much more intuitive,

Using location.

When you are at work

The phone will respond to it.

Stop Candy Crush Now!

HTC One Sense 7 for Work

When you are at home

Everything auto-updates.

Candy Crush away!

Phone is still too big.

Wasted space due to logo

Makes one-hand use tough.

htc one front logo

A decent upgrade,

Although Samsung got more press

It’s worth Checking Out.

HTC One M9 - 1

HaikuReview – Subway Surfers (iOS and Android game)

subway surfers pic

Simple Gesture GameSubway surf pic 4

Left Right Jump Roll, Tons ‘o fun

Couple minutes gone


You have daily goals.

False sense of accomplishment.

What am I saying?!?!


Goal: Jump over trains

Had to get the super shoessubway surfers jump shoes

Bounce High! Achieve Goal!


Goal: Bump into Trains

Can’t get caught and still hit ten

Bang Bang! Got that one!


I love simple games

Need only a few moments

Fun at fingertips


Achievable Goals.

In app purchases option,Subway Surf Pic 2

But are not required


The best part of all.

This will make you want to play.

Two words: Hover Boards!


Try subway surfers 

And join the world tour today

Everyone has time



HaikuReview – Mailbox Application

Mailbox” is a great email application available for both Android and iPhone for free.  What follows is as much a set of instructions showing its unique functionality, as it is a review of a product I’ve used since the BETA over a year ago.  Definitely worth giving a try.  My inbox has never been better organized, and less frustrating!


Email Made Simple

Use Swiping to Keep It Straight

You Are In Control


Slight Swipe Right – All Mail

Easily Search History

No More Scroll and Search


Hard Swipe Right – Delete

It Will Be Gone Forever

Clean Up the Mailbox


Slight Swipe Left – Remind

Select When You Want To Read

It Will Reappear


Hard Swipe Left – Folders

Create Space to Keep it Straight

Your Categories


If you make mistake

Just give the device a shake**

And you can undo


Email Set Apart

From All The Competition

Download It Today!


**’Shake to Undo’  iOS Only

HaikuReview – Samsung Galaxy S5

HaikuReviews are an attempt to package the good, the bad, and the bottom line for different devices, as quickly as possible, but in a fun way.  Hopefully offering an enjoyable alternative to normal tech reviews focused on specs.


Bright Screen, Light Weight, Fast

Waterproof, Headphone Jack Nice

Feature Packed Device


Flimsy Toy Like Feel

Boxy Chrome Edge Is Tacky

Fingerprint Swipe Bad


Too Many Options

That Will Go Unused By Most

Heart Rate Check, Really?!


Newest Samsung Choice

Over Packed And Cheaply Made

Not The Phone For Me