HaikuReview – Subway Surfers (iOS and Android game)

subway surfers pic

Simple Gesture GameSubway surf pic 4

Left Right Jump Roll, Tons ‘o fun

Couple minutes gone


You have daily goals.

False sense of accomplishment.

What am I saying?!?!


Goal: Jump over trains

Had to get the super shoessubway surfers jump shoes

Bounce High! Achieve Goal!


Goal: Bump into Trains

Can’t get caught and still hit ten

Bang Bang! Got that one!


I love simple games

Need only a few moments

Fun at fingertips


Achievable Goals.

In app purchases option,Subway Surf Pic 2

But are not required


The best part of all.

This will make you want to play.

Two words: Hover Boards!


Try subway surfers 

And join the world tour today

Everyone has time



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