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HaikuReview – Mailbox Application

Mailbox” is a great email application available for both Android and iPhone for free.  What follows is as much a set of instructions showing its unique functionality, as it is a review of a product I’ve used since the BETA over a year ago.  Definitely worth giving a try.  My inbox has never been better organized, and less frustrating!


Email Made Simple

Use Swiping to Keep It Straight

You Are In Control


Slight Swipe Right – All Mail

Easily Search History

No More Scroll and Search


Hard Swipe Right – Delete

It Will Be Gone Forever

Clean Up the Mailbox


Slight Swipe Left – Remind

Select When You Want To Read

It Will Reappear


Hard Swipe Left – Folders

Create Space to Keep it Straight

Your Categories


If you make mistake

Just give the device a shake**

And you can undo


Email Set Apart

From All The Competition

Download It Today!


**’Shake to Undo’  iOS Only