The Tech of Disney – Considering Airport Tech

This post is coming from 35,000 feet, thanks to being allowed to use our mobile devices during the flight. I’m not the biggest fan of flying, but sitting here with my iPad, iPhone, and Kindle I definitely have my security blanket! I’d like to take a moment with this first post to talk briefly about the airport experience, considering how tech impacts the process.

Thanks to our group rate, we were able to bypass the long check-in line, and head to the group check-in kiosk. That didn’t stop the check-in person from being impatient and little snippy! I thought that was just something that happened on sit-com television. Ah, when art reflects life. We came into the airport with absolutely nothing that proved we had a reason to be there. Our tickets were purchased months previously. So it was just a matter of all the adults handing over the licenses to get the boarding passes distributed. I was surprised that we had to then haul our bags to the bag dropoff location. The last time I flew the conveyor belt was just behind the check in attendant (the ending of Toy Story 2 wouldn’t have been nearly as dramatic with the current setup).

FoIMG_0578r some reason we got “pre-check status” for security and after a quick swabbing of my hands (checking for explosive residue!), and a journey through the metal detector, we were through security. I took note of the large cylindrical portal where less fortunate fliers were being subjected to the full body scan. We still have to fly home, so I might still have a chance to experience that first hand!

imageOnce to our gate, I looked around to see what the airport provided in terms of connectivity. I was happy to see lots of options, in terms of charging stations. They had the bar stool pillar, which was being actively avoided by everyone, due to it’s closeness. It was great to see other options though, including little metal booths with a bench and table, and a long bar, offering both USB connections, and regular A/C power outlets.image

If you didn’t do your due diligence in charging before hand, you can definitely be charged up beforehand with all these options!

imageBeing from North Dakota, my in-laws were very interested in the NDSU Championship game. And I am both proud and embarrassed to say that technology allowed for a rather exhuberant outburst from my mother-in-law when NDSU proved victorious! Being that the airport offered rather spotty WIFI, my father-in-law managed to get the game up and running on his Surface Pro 3 by using his Moto X as a hotspot. Two thumbs up from Two Cups of Tech for that one!!

So we continue on our way to Orlando. Where we will disembark with our Disney Magic Bands in place, and the real fun begins.

You all look really tiny from way up here!


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