Have a Year of T(ech) – One Year Anniversary


iPhone 6 togetherThis week a milestone was achieved.  The blog “Have a Cup of T(ech)” reached the one year mark.  That’s no small feat when you’re a one man shop, in a part-time capacity.  I’ve had a great year checking out different technology for casual consumers. Over the year we’ve looked at Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.  We went on the road to Walt Disney World, exploring the cool apps that make navigating the massive parks not only easy but fun!  Reviews of “apps of note” from everything from pocket games like Scibblenauts to Smart News Readers like the Yahoo News Digest.

samsung phonesWe reviewed our first “smart home” device with the Echo Smartspeaker, and played around with Virtual Reality with Gear VR.  We’ve done our best to offer a wide variety of reviews, including the new Kindle Voyage and Beats Studio headphones.  Mid-year we had some fun with a review of the “Funny or Die News” application, and more recently we reviewed the HBO Now service (coming soon to Android devices). One particular post had me trashing
the Winbook tablet computer, which garnered the most hits in the year (and I don’t take anything back).

20141218_210418821_iOSThis past year has seen 44 blog posts, which have been viewed over 5000 times in over 150 countries!  I’m so glad that this little operation has been able to reach out so far!  And we have no intention of stopping.  The first year focused primarily on the blog itself and our twitter handle (@twolumpsoftech).  A Flipboard magazine was introduced mid-year, offering another way to keep track of the
consumer tech that is making news.  But a few new things are planned for the coming year.

beats-studio-wireless-review-macro-enclosure-2-1500x1000Coming in Year Two!!

Two Lumps of Tech now has an Instagram account.  The focus of that site is to show off new technology IN ACTION.  I’m not sure what direction that will take, but I’m excited about the chance to show how the tech works, in addition to continuing to write reviews.  A new category is coming as well.  “Where It Stands” will be revisits to products that have been reviewed previously.  Too often reviews on the internet are published right when a new product comes out.  Sometimes hbo-now-launchproducts that look great initially turn into duds, while at the same time, other products that have a rough launch, find new life in software updates.  I want to return to products after initial reviews to share how the tech is holding up, and whether it’s still worth consumer’s consideration.  Look for a “Where It Stands” review of the Amazon Fire TV in the coming weeks!

Finally we’ll be adding guest writers in the coming year.  I hope to add some new perspectives and get writers with different areas of kindle_voyage_and_kindle_paperwhiteinterest to give an even broader set of reviews (I can’t keep track of everything that’s going on in tech!).  The focus will remain locked on casual consumers though, so don’t worry about this blog becoming another site written for technology geeks.  This blog is for everyone.  Because technology has the capacity to enhance your life.  I believed that when this journey started a year ago, and that thought remains the same. So stay tuned for more First Impressions, Reviews (cup half full/cup half empty), Apps of Note, Tech News, and the occasional HaikuReview.

Thank you to those who have been following the site this past year.  I sincerely hope you have found things that were interesting, MDE - ride locatorinformative, and even maybe a little humorous at times.  A special thanks to friends and family for providing editing and feedback over the course of the year.

On to year number two!!

Cheers — BC Gordon – Two Lumps of Tech

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