ElevatoR(eview): JBL Clip 2


JBL Clip 2 ElevatoR(eview)

There are lots of cheap bluetooth speakers on the market, so finding a decent one is challenging.  This speaker is from a reputable device maker (JBL).  The speaker is completely waterproof (I dunked it without issue).  Pairing is simple (you can even “daisy-chain” two speakers together for stereo sound).  The speaker comes with a 3.5mm cable hard-wired into the bottom (and stored by wrapping around the side), so you can pug your phone in directly (saving battery life on your phone).  There is an integrated microphone so you can use it for phone calls as well. Battery life is good (8 hours of playback).  The clip is incredibly handy.  And the price is affordable without being “cheap” ($50-$60).

I looked at several other models, and the audio quality certainly didn’t stand up to it’s more expensive cousins, but it was good enough for using in the garage or the shower.  This is a nice choice for your consideration.

ElevatoR(eview) Verdict:jbl-underwater

Design: Cup Half Full

Ease of Use: Cup Half Full

Sound Quality: Cup Half Empty

Cost: Cup Half Full

Overall: Cup Half Full

Long-form reviews to consider, when you have more time:

Tom’s Guide Review

CNET Review

Android Police Review

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