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On the Road – The Tech of Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

We are packing up our tea pots and cups, and heading for Florida!

Disney - luggage tagsI figure what a great opportunity to check out the tech that is employed by the “Happiest Place on Earth”!  Several packages have arrived during the month leading up to the trip.  First a package including luggage tags and baggage stickers (for transport of said bags directly to the resort – no bag return for us!).

Then the Disney - Magic Bands“Magic Bands” arrived.  These are what have me excited.  Essentially they are smartbands, programmed with our Disney Experience (with accompanying app for the phones and tablets).  The bands will serve as keys for the hotel room, tickets to the parks, and even can be used for purchases (take that Apple Pay).

Speaking of Apple Pay, the Disney Resorts now support this technology as well, so I’ll do my best to give the phone a swipe a few times to see how seemless the experience is.  Though I’m not sure how it can be better than the Magic Bands!

I’m excited to see how such a popular vacation destination uses technology to enhance the visitor experience. Oh, and I am also excited for Space Mountain!

So here we go, on the road with Two Lumps of Tech!!