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gym picIt might be a little late for New Year’s Resolutions for 2016, but when the “get fit” bug hits you, it’s best to just seize the moment.  I’ve had more “it’s time to get fit” moments than I care to reveal.  I imagine most can relate to it.  You have a bad test result at the doctor, you feel self-conscious at the beach, you just hit that wall where you want to change your health.  You want to lose weight.  You want to have more energy.  You just want to feel better.  So you sign up for a gym membership, buy a treadmill clothestreadmill, and load the grocery cart with fruits and vegetables.  And we all know how that ends.  The membership keeps getting paid, but you haven’t gone in 6 months.  The treadmill becomes a great place to hang laundry, and the fruits and vegetables go back to boxes and cans of processed “food stuff”.  Hopefully with each “get fit” moment a few good habits remain after the membership is cancelled.  But for me that’s the most I’ve ever been able to accomplish.  I’m in another such moment, and I decided to seize this moment as a tech opportunity.

fitbit altasFrom the beginning of “Have a Cup of T(ech)” the mantra has been that tech should enhance your life.  Tech should make things easier.  If it isn’t, then the tech is a fail and should be discarded.  I’ve never turned my geeky eye on fitness tech, aside from my old FitBits.  So I’m starting a new category on the tech blog focused entirely on fitness technology.  I’m calling it “FiTech”.  This category will cover reviews of devices like those popular FitBits (the Alta just released!).  I will also look at fitness apps, health apps, nutrition tools.  Each post will be looking for ways for technology to make getting fit easier.  To make nutrition less of a chore.  To make wellness more attainable.

Project 37 coming soonThe first major initiative will begin this coming week with something I’m calling “Project 37”.  This will be a weekly post on the blog, where I check in on my progress using two specific apps.  One is “Three Minute Mindfulness” and the other is “Seven Minute Workouts”.  I’ve picked these two after pretty extensive searching.  I’ve invested $9 up front for these apps to see if they can go where no app has gone before: prolonged fitness and long-term health improvements.  Perhaps you’ll join me.  Look for a post later this week with all the details.  And watch for more “FiTech” posts as well.  I’m excited to see where this will go!  The idea of technology improving our physical and mental well-being is full of potential!  So let’s begin!